Should You Invest in Groupon?

The Groupon IPO is one of the most highly specualted IPOs in quite sometime. The tech and finance world’s have come together to fall in love with Groupon. The fast growing website aimed at saving you money has rapidly grown since coming onto the scene a couple years ago. To find out more about Groupon’s past read the Business Insider’s article “How Groupon Was Founded?” This controversial company is finally ready to make the next big step and go public. Are they ready? Is it a good investment? Or will it flop like recent social media IPO, LinkedIn? Putting all seriousness aside we have a hilarious chart courtesy of BeteBeat!

Interested in reading up more on Groupon’s IPO tomorrow? Then below are some good articles for you!

 (Groupon’s Would-Be Investors Say Amazon Comparisons Don’t Stand Up (Bloomberg)

(Groupon’s share offering loses its allure (Guardian)

(Can Groupon’s I.P.O. Be Saved? (Dealbook)

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