It’s Never Too Late to Give Up? Five Billionaires Who Didn’t Make Their Money Until After 40

After reading this article, I hope you all come to the conclusion that it’s truly never too late to achieve your dreams.  For all you middle-agers out there who had big dreams of being a billionaire one day this should be an inspiration to never give up.  We need to thank the world for the invention of start-ups and allowing us to become entrepreneurs as nothing excites me more than to see a self-made millionaire, let alone a billionaire.  Say things didn’t pan out in life so far, you didn’t make your first million before you turned 30? Don’t worry, stick with your day job, keep paying the bills, just make sure to never stop generating ideas, never stop your path to create that next big thing. Just because you haven’t reached your goals or made your mark doesn’t mean it is ever too late. Continue to be passionate about what you do and one day everything will connect.  A perfect example is if a 34 year old lawyer had never followed his friends advice and instead decided to give up on his dreams of performing opera we might have never known or been enlightened to Andrea Bocelli and his amazing voice. Below are more perfect examples of why you should never stop pushing:

Everyone should realize the reality is now, at all ages people have great ideas and eventually many of these people will proceed to turn these ideas into great businesses.  As a result, to top off the whole article and prove my point here are five entrepreneurs who made their billions after the age of 45:

1. Sheldon Adelson, was a college drop out that dabbled as an investment advisor and mortgage broker.  He made his billions when he founded a computer supershow, Comdex
at age 46.

2. David Duffield, founded PeopleSoft at the age of 47.  David is a true go-getter, after 3 failed businesses he continue to strive towards his dream and even used his second mortage on his home as capital to launch the billion dollar business which was acquired by Oracle for over $7 billion dollars.

3. Dietrich Mateschitsz, who used to be a detergent salesman, founded the energy drink Red Bull at the age of 48 after noticing the huge popularity of sugary drinks whilst in Japan on a sales trip.

4. John Sperling, a tenured professor practically invented the for-profit education industry when he founded the University of Phoenix at the age of 53.

5. Harland Sanders, at the age of 65, founded the world renowned fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken aka KFC by using $105 from his first Social Security Check after seeing his previous restaurant ventures fail.

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All information came from Paladin Venture Labs

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