Go Offshore to Escape the Biggest Threats to Your Wealth

Go Offshore to Escape the Biggest Threats to Your Wealth

We often hear people talk about diversifying their portfolios only to discover that what they mean is just diversification among shares of American companies or among real estate investments within the U.S.

The time has come for financially astute Americans to go offshore to escape the biggest threats to your wealth.

Many Americans has already seen their nest eggs shrink, the value of their homes fall and their investment portfolios lose half their worth or more.

The really bad news is that there’s more hardship to come.  An ever-mounting deficit, dysfunctional government and presidential election politics will almost certainly lead to new tax legislation – higher taxes.

It’s not just your finances that are at risk.  Under the Democratic Congress a few years ago, crazy new laws were passed below the radar to restrict and control the foreign investment activities of U.S. citizens.  This means that the more assets you have in the U.S. the less control you will have over them.

So, if you really want to protect your wealth in the future, you need to consider a financial strategy of going offshore for at least part of your assets.  This is an approach whose time has come.

You Don’t Have to Be a Millionaire to Benefit from Going Offshore

Diversifying your portfolio into foreign investments, foreign real estate and foreign currency is probably the most common approach for most American investors.  However, going offshore can also involve moving assets, your business, your banking – or even yourself – to a safe haven . . . to a place where it’s harder for anyone to lay claim to what you’ve got.

Going offshore isn’t anything as cloak-and-dagger or glamorous as it may sound.  It’s simply about legally defending what’s yours in a way that makes it more difficult for creditors to attack.  Offshore strategies include trusts, foundations, international life insurance and owning a foreign bank account, to name a few.  These are all legal ways to build a wall around your assets.

You don’t need to be a multi-millionaire to benefit from going offshore.  You can start by simply opening a bank account in a haven that offers true banking secrecy.

Your wealth is affected by all sorts of things that often you feel you have no control over.  However, by going offshore, you get to hold on to more of your assets, to protect them so they grow safely, even tax-free.

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